Training for new members

Before joining an expedition, new members must demonstrate competence in the most basic caving skills. These include:

  • Assembling your personal equipment and checking others’
  • Tying, checking and recognising the important knots used in caving
  • Ascending and descending ropes using mechanical ascenders and descenders
  • Changing over between ascent and descent and between ropes
  • Passing edges, knots, traverses, deviations and rebelays

Experienced cavers wishing to join MECET must demonstrate these skills in a quick practical test.

Joiners who are new to caving will need to take part in training to acquire these skills. MECET members organise training sessions from time to time. All training is done on a non-commercial, volunteer basis.

Training for existing members

MECET members train regularly to keep skills current and learn new techniques, such as rigging and rescue. Regular training is mandatory to participate in expeditions.